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The 15th International Surface X-ray and Neutron Scattering Conference
Date : Jul 15~19, 2018 Venue : Science Hall, Pohang Accelerator Lab, Pohang, Korea

Program at a Glance

The Conference will offer a rich scientific program, including plenary lectures, invited talks, posters and two parallel sessions of oral presentations. Note that the exact presentation time can be changed.

Program at a Glance
Date 7/15 (Sun) 7/16 (Mon) 7/17 (Tue) 7/18 (Wed) 7/19 (Thu)
08:45~09:00 Opening ceremony Plenary 2
G. B. Stephenson
Plenary 1
Sunil Sinha
Biological Interfaces
Jeremy Lakey
Mathias Loeshe
Myung Chul Choi
Hideki Seto Coffee Break (30min) Tom Arnold
Bulent Akgun
Santanu Maiti
Novel Techniques, Instruments and Sources
Ching-Shun Ku
Mikhail Zhernenkov
Wolfgang Voegeli
Felix Büttner
Ann-Christin Dippel Coffee Break(15min)
In-situ and In-operando Surface Studies
H. Hong
Oliver Seeck
Tetsuroh Shirasawa
Olivier Balmes Coffee Break (30min) Uta Hejral
Jerome Carnis
Sang Wook Han
Yaroslav Odarchenko
Wolfgang Kreuzpaintner
Surface and Interface in Soft Matter I
Milan Sanyal
Mark Schlossman
Pulak Dutta Coffee Break (30min) Bridget Murphy
Kilwon Cho
Binhua Lin
Jaseung Koo
X-ray Free Electron Laser
Makina Yabashi
Sooheyong Lee
Ruslan Kurta
Sangsoo Kim
Byoung-ick Cho
12:00~13:00 Brown Bag Lunch
13:00~14:30 Phototime & Lunch Break
Lunch Break
Excursion to Gyeongju
Closing Remark
Farewell Lunch
14:30-15:30 Surface and Interface in Soft Matter II
Frank Schreiber
Hyojung Kim
Yusuke Wakabayashi
Markus Mezger
Dynamics of Surfaces, Interfaces

Hoydoo You
Michael Bedzyk
Hyungju Ahn
Poster I
Poster II
16:30-17:30 Registration
Emergent Interfacial Materials
Michael Fitzsimmons
Ji Young Jo
Huan-Hua wang
Sujoy Roy
Seohyoung Chang
Site Tour
(Pohang Light Source)
18:30- Welcome Reception

SXNS-15 will emphasize novel techniques for surface x-ray and neutron scattering including instrumentation and source development. Topics will include in-situ and in-operando surface studies, nanostructured surfaces and interfaces, surface and interfaces in soft matter, biological interfaces, emergent interfacial materials, and dynamics of surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures. We expect to share new discovery and results obtained using x-ray free electron lasers as well. The conference will be organized with following 7 sessions:

  • Session In-situ and in-operando surface studies (catalysis, growth, etc.)
  • Session Nanostructured surfaces and interfaces, Dynamics of surfaces, interfaces, and nanostructures
  • Session Surface and interfaces in soft matter (polymer, organic solar cell, OLED, OPV, OTFT, etc.), Liquid surface
  • Session Biological interfaces (bio-materials, protein, membranes, etc)
  • Session Emergent interfacial materials (magnetism, multiferroics, spintronics, oxides, etc.)
  • Session Development of novel techniques, instruments, and sources
  • Session Dynamics and structure studies with X-ray free electron laser
The 15th International Surface X-ray and Neutron Scattering Conference (SXNS15)
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